So, how does it work?

Entrance into the field is £6 per adult, with children between the ages of 5-14 being £3. Anyone younger than this age are free and blue badge holders are £4, with one extra person allowed access free of charge.

You are entitled to pick with both the adult and child's entrance fee. You are given a good sized bag and a pair of scissors to pick the lavender, the wildflowers and the sunflowers – when they are in bloom the sunflowers are 50p a stem. Any extra bags you’d like for children or if you fancy a whole load of lavender, is another £4.

When you get here you can pay by card in the farm shop, or by cash in the museum. From there you are given tickets to take up into the field which you are welcome to swap for bags and scissors for the picking of the lavender. We also take payment up on the Main Field as well!

When are you open?

Our opening hours are 10-5 everyday, apart from Tuesdays and Fridays when we open until 9 - last entry 8.30, last orders in cafe 8. 

Is the Lavender Out Yet?

Our flowering season is between mid-June to the end of August.

We have two main species on our main field: angustifolia - which makes up the first seven rows on the left hand side and on the far right - and intermedia or lavendin - which makes up the majority of the field.

Our season begins with the angustifolia, which blooms between mid-June till the end of July. The lavendin blooms between mid-July to the end of August. Obviously this is dependent on the weather, so check our Facebook (facebook.com/hitchinlavender) or Twitter (@HitchinLavender) for photo updates on the field.

Our display area blooms over that whole period, but looks at its best in late June to mid-July. With over 60 different varieties of lavender to have a look at for no extra charge, we debunk the myth of there being just the one lavender colour!

And the Sunflowers?

Also weather dependent, but they tend to be in bloom mid to late August. We will announce when we allow picking for them on our respective social media sites, so find us on either Facebook or Twitter for more updates.

Can we bring a picnic? 

Yes! Absolutely welcome to bring your own food and use our picnic tables on our main field! 

What is included in the photography fee and how does the photography work?

You are absolutely welcome to take landscape photos of our field. Even if you have any professional looking equipment there is no extra charge after paying £6 for the entrance into the field. However, there is a charge of £50 for anyone looking to use our field as a location for portrait shots, even if they are not going to be used on a commercial basis. This fee – which is payable in the barn – allows the photographer entrance into the field for a period of 4 hours. For all else wanting entrance normal field entry costs apply. 

We do not have an ‘in-house’ photographer, so to speak, so that is something you would have to source yourselves. 

All photography takes place during our opening hours, we do not allow photographers on the field once we have closed each day. 

The only other caveat that we have with photography is that we do not allow bridal photography on Saturdays, as we have weddings on this day of the week.
Please email if you either want further details or to book a slot to use our field.

Are dogs allowed in the field?

Unfortunately, no, apart from guide dogs. They are not allowed in the main field nor the display area. We have water bowls outside the farmshop/tea room area and they are welcome there.

How accessible is the field by wheelchair or pushchair?

Whether you have a wheelchair or a pram you can get into the main field. Having said that, we are a working farm, so proceed with caution as it does get uneven in places.

Unfortunately the lavender is just too thick to allow for any wheelchair to get in between the rows, though there is a track up the hill to the right of the field if you were wanting to get some different views of the field, or enjoy the view from the top.

If you didn’t want to take buggies into the field you can leave by the entrance which is constantly manned.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any wheelchairs available for public use.

How do we get there from London?

You'd need to get the train from King's Cross to Hitchin Station. There is a fairly frequent service; you'd need to get the train towards Peterborough. From Hitchin station, we recommend getting a taxi or Uber which will cost maximum £8 each way – the Uber service being cheaper.


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