Frequently Asked Questions

So, how does it work?

Lavender entrance fees for our main field in Summer are as follows:


  • Peak: £7 
  • Off Peak: £6
  • Disabled: £4
  • Family of 4: £25
  • Family of 6 £36
  • Under 5's: Free of charge 

Is the lavender out yet?

Our flowering season is between mid-June to the middle of August.

We have two main species on our main field: angustifolia - which makes up the first seven rows on the left hand side and on the far right - and intermedia or lavandin - which makes up the majority of the field.

Our season begins with the angustifolia, which blooms between mid-June till the end of July. The lavendin blooms between mid-July to the middle of August. This is dependent on the weather, so check our Facebook page and Instagram for photo updates on the field.

Our display area blooms over that whole period, but looks at its best in late June to mid-July. With over 60 different varieties of lavender to have a look at free of charge! We debunk the myth of there being just the one lavender colour!

Are the sunflowers out yet?

The blooming period of our sunflower patch is also weather dependent, but they tend to come out from the middle of August. We will announce when they are ready on our respective social media sites, so find us on  Instagram  Facebook and Twitter for more updates.



We have a pumpkin patch again this year.  Like the lavender and Sunflowers we are using a prebooked ticket system. We will remain open as long as we have pumpkins available.


Can we bring a picnic? 

Yes! You are absolutely welcome to bring your own food and use our picnic tables on our main field! Please remember to take away any rubbish when you leave. We want to keep our field free of plastic and other waste!


What is included in the photography fee and how does the photography work?

The visual aspect of Hitchin Lavender is one of its most important parts and we know that many people visit us wishing to take spectacular pictures of their nearest and dearest. At the farm, there is a charge of £75.00 for photographers intending to use images of the field for anything other than personal use. Such uses might include, but are not limited to, selling photographs or providing a photography service, advertising and other forms of promotion, professional portfolios, branding, and so on. The £75.00 charge will be applied at Hitchin Lavender’s discretion, so should you have any queries regarding the use of your photos, please do get in touch with us before you arrive. The £75.00 charge can be paid in our barn or at the entrance to the field and gives the photographer 4 hours in which to complete their photoshoot. Any clients of the photographer entering the field must pay the normal entrance fee that applies to them.

If the images you take at Hitchin Lavender are purely for personal use, then you will not be required to pay the £75.00 charge. You will simply need to pay our normal entrance prices, which can be found above.

We do not have an ‘in-house’ photographer, so you will need to source one for yourself. 

The only other caveat that we have with photography is that we do not allow bridal photography on Saturdays, as we have weddings on this day of the week.

Are dogs allowed in the field?

Yes they are! Dogs are allowed in the main field however they aren't allowed up the rows and they MUST always be kept on a lead.  Owners must pick up if dogs foul. We have water bowls outside the farmshop/café area and they are welcome there too.

How accessible is the field by wheelchair or pushchair?

Both wheelchairs and pushchairs can be used to access the main field. However, we are a working farm and the field does not have a graded pathway, meaning that the ground is bumpy and uneven in places. In most cases, this is not a problem but please do take care if you are visiting us and require the use of a wheelchair or pushchair.

Unfortunately, the lavender is too thick to allow for any wheelchair to get in between the rows. There is a wide track on the right hand side of the field, which allows wheelchair users to see different views of the field, or enjoy the vista from the top.

If you don’t want to take buggie into the field, you can leave it by the entrance where it will be looked after by our staff.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any wheelchairs available for public use.


How do we get there from London?

You'd need to get the train from King's Cross to Hitchin Station. There is a fairly frequent service; you'd need to get the train towards Peterborough. From Hitchin station, we recommend getting a taxi or Uber which will cost maximum £8 each way – the Uber service being cheaper.


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