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We will work together in the field and surroundings, and you will learn how to get the best out of the location. I will guide you how I approach a shoot, how I compose shots to make stunning portraits. You will be able to see the benefit of developing a cohesive set of stand out images, whatever location you are at.

This two and a half hour workshop will give you a new injection of creativity into your photography skills. A short time in the classroom, then its out in the field and surroundings, before we regroup. There's tea, coffee and cake, and you'll come away with practical tips that you can apply to any setting or shoot.

Sharon Cooper, of has been photographing at Hitchin lavender for over 10 years. Sharon is friendly, creative and excels at getting the best out of location and subject. If you want to push your photography up a notch, please come along. Ticket price is £45, all inclusive no additional charges.

If you are familiar with your camera but are keen to get more out of it, this is for you!


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